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Christmas is under threat! The dastardly Beatrix the Bad hates Christmas. She’s on a mission to cancel everyone’s most favourite day of the year alongside her gruesome accomplice, the Awful Agnes (Sonia Wrightson).

But fear not, as the fearless Fairy, Gloria the Good (Stephanie Aigbe) has arrived to try to save the day. But – she can’t do it alone! Fortunately, she can rely upon Santa, Nanny and their friends to help. But will they be able to stop them in time?

Join Santa, Nanny, Gloria and friends as they battle against the clock to stop the villains in their tracks in time for the most special day of the year!

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I just wanted to thank you for this event - it was AMAZING!!! We showed it to our whole school and end up as Year 5 they were shouting at the screen, joining in with the usual Panto banter.
As it was also at a very affordable price, we could let every class enjoy it - something we have not been able to afford to do with trips to the theatre being beyond the reach of so many. Can I request that we do this again next year!

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